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Bubble Gum
The room is on fire and she's fixing her hair
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1st-Nov-2013 09:17 am - Back!
After my surgery, i am back!!! 
21st-Jul-2009 06:43 pm - Friends only
You can add me that i will accept.

21st-Jul-2009 05:59 pm(no subject)

I'm reading a book about her: Maria Antonieta from Antonia Frazer. I'm in love by her history and how people think she is this evil person, but the truth is that she was just a child throw to the wolves.

Updating my profile here, in myspace, facebook and twitter
2nd-Nov-2008 05:14 pm - Hi
Ok, i'm new here. I am really happy to begin my live journal world.
My name is Carolina and I'm from Brazil. I'm 20 years old and i go to a law school.
I've always wanted  to be a lawyer and law school is a dream come true, I love it!!
Well, i really hope to make new friends!
Bye and see you all soon
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